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12th February 2017

5:29pm: You have to kill your darlings
This morning, I heard the pastor say "do not insult yourself".  When he read the rest of the passage, I realized that what he had actually said was "do not exalt yourself".

I think I was right the first time:  when you say that you are above the rabble, you are revealing yourself as an empty kettle; whenever you think you are spectacularly clever, you are making a fool of yourself.

On the writers' newsgroups, they express this as "kill your darlings"; some nineteenth-century writer advised, "If, in reading over your work, you come upon a passage that you consider particularly fine, strike it out."

I wonder when the earliest surviving comment on the Dunning-Kruger effect was?

5th January 2017

7:01pm: Validation
I'm accustomed to splitting my files when they no longer fit into the disk space PC-Write was designed to handle.

Now that I'm halfway through validating a 4015-line diary in which all the <center> tags are in the wrong place, I think maybe I should start splitting just a tad sooner.

29th March 2016

11:22am: Information
The good news:  the coughing and sneezing muscles are not connected directly to the sacroiliac joint.

The bad news:  I know this.

2nd July 2015

9:59pm: I'm a baaaad data point
Took the LJ survey upon logging in.  Needs a "I haven't the slightest idea what this feature is" button, but "no opinion" worked.

I never clicked on the button that said this feature should be left the way it is because I don't care to misuse the word "love" that way.  Oh, well, there is nothing that can't be improved, so clicking the next-to-the-last button was never a lie.

12th February 2015

6:29pm: Exercise
I lift weights twice a week.  On Wednesday, I pick up the dumbbells and move them to the bedroom; on Thursday, I carry them back to the hall.

25th July 2014

10:01am: GEAR New Paltz
Thought drift: As I dressed, I wondered whether the fold-bottom pockets on the shirt I was donning had a name, which led to wondering who made the jersey I got the idea from -- it was my very first jersey; I got talked into buying it at GEAR New Paltz and didn't realize what a bargain it was until much later. When *was* GEAR New Paltz? Had to be before GEAR '89 Saratoga because it was my first GEAR. I rode my bike from New Salem to New Paltz, asked for directions on the way, and blew the mind of my informant, who couldn't grasp that someone on a bicycle wanted to know what city she was in. I think I finally saw "Kingston" on a sign.

Shame the League of American Bicylists decided that GEARs and National Centuries attracted the wrong kind of new members and stopped sanctioning them.

22nd July 2014

4:51pm: It works!
All of a sudden today, when I load a Live Journal page the spinning thingy stops spinning when the page is complete, and I don't have to turn it off by hand. Wha hoppen, and what was wrong before, and what took so long?

3rd May 2014

10:10pm: notes
Saturday night:

We never stagger, we never fall,
We sober up on Ben Gay and Geritol.

I no longer want a laptop. I have to correct most of the words I type on Dave's, and if I take my fingers off the home keys, I have to look at the keyboard to find them again. And I have to take them off the keys to backspace, which I have to do a lot when trying to touch-type on a hunt-and-peck keyboard.

I'll expand my notes when I get back, if I remember what those scribbles mean.

10th March 2014

8:27pm: 3,132,532
Today I happened upon a page that says this journal is #3,132,532. How can they be so precise?

And how is the rank determined? By page views seems logical, but logic seldom applies. Not to mention that there would be thousand-way ties down where the number of page views approaches zero.

26th December 2013

10:56am: Negative Income Tax
On the one hand, "negative income tax" has been repeatedly shown to be a counter-productive way to distribute welfare; on the other hand, it seems unjust that people with a negative taxable income should be exempt from paying tax on it.

27th October 2013

8:11pm: Bonneyville Mill
I was planning to go to Bonneyville Mill tomorrow, but I checked their website and they are open Wednesday through Sunday, May through October.

So I'm planning to go Wednesday. If they've decided that a two-day week isn't worth it and are closed for the winter, I can take a hike on the trails. And stop in Middlebury to shop for socks.

14th October 2013

6:55pm: I used to be quite fond of the color pink
Am I the only woman to be fed up well past the gills with having pink pushed at me relentlessly from all directions?

11th October 2013

1:00pm: Ego
While ego-scanning, I happened upon
It's a pity that I can't tell him that in the intervening years I've considerably simplified the recipe, thanks to a rice cooker that holds a poaching temperature when set on "keep warm".

(Put frozen thighs in rice-cooker pot the day before, place pot in refrigerator. In the morning, put pot in cooker, make gravy, pour over thighs, put on lid, set for "keep warm". Stir at lunch time, if you are around.)

Were comments still open, I'd append a link to http://joybeeson.home.comcast.net/~joybeeson/COOKBOOK/index.html to Vivian Henoch's.

24th July 2013

10:09pm: Meta
I've just noticed that this journal looks much better with styles switched off.

13th June 2013

11:04am: Since I was already logged in, this seemed like a good place to stash today's Beeson Banner entry while my writing computer is defragging. Unfortunately, I've forgotten what I meant to say.

The storm fizzled here, but I hear that it became a full-blown derecho further east. We have puddles, none deep enough to attract ducks, and Grace College maintenance issued a work order for a leak in a roof. Two county roads near Sidney were reported closed due to high water.
10:45am: Population
The folks who think current trends will continue until the human race is extinct are at least as crazy as those who think that current trends will continue until we have roofed over the oceans and everybody is eating algae bars.

28th May 2013

5:09pm: Rough Sewing
Made another entry in the web log on Rough Sewing, and got to wondering whether anyone reads it.



12th April 2013

1:24am: I'm a baaaaad data point
I tried to find more information about standing fell seams, and more than half the relevant hits were my own web page.

Meanwhile, back at 646.2 . . .

8th March 2013

12:47pm: Dirt
When you're making compost
You compost what you've got
If you throw it on the ground
It's surely going to rot.

20th February 2013

5:06pm: The tragedy of the democracy
I stuck the second "the" in there to give you a fighting chance to see the reference to "tragedy of the common".
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25th January 2013

11:00am: Very Innnnteresting
I long ago lost the ability to remain in the same room with a running television. I've just realized that when some pop-culture reference reveals that I've missed something, it's usually a commercial.

10th October 2012

10:24am: The Solution to Every Problem
Putting off work, I called up David Friedman's blog http://daviddfriedman.blogspot.com/ andCollapse )

1st June 2012

11:37pm: Small puzzle
Just got a notice that all my photos had been migrated to the new scrapbook -- so I clicked on the link to the scrapbook and was much surprised that I had a photo. I recognize it, and it's mine, but I not only don't recall putting it into the scrapbook, I don't recall ever bothering to learn how to put photos into my scrapbook. Nor can I think of a reason to post "seven swans a-swimming" on Live Journal.

19th March 2012

9:25am: 'Tis the season of paradux
I don't see flocks of mallards any more -- I see one duck and one drake.
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